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1st e-news letter

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ISMST 2023
The organizing committee of the 25th World Congress of the International Society for
Medical Shock Wave Therapy
welcome you to submit abstracts for oral or poster
presentation. The topics of interest in ISMST 2023 include the following:
  • ESWT in Pain Management
  • ESWT in Sports Medicine
  • ESW with Combination Therapies
  • ESWT in Skin
  • ESWT in Neurology
  • ESWT in Urology and Sexual Medicine
Please note that all abstracts must be submitted electronically through the online submission system. Otherwise, the abstract may not be considered for review and publication.
Medi City, Daegu!
Daegu, Korea's third largest city with 2.5 million citizens, has established its reputation as
Korea's leading medical city with five medical schools and over 3,500 clinics. The government-created Daegu Medical Cluster, which includes the New Drug Development Center, Medical Device Development Center, High-tech Clinical Trial Center, and many government-sponsored research facilities, is providing R&D support for cutting-edge drugs and medical devices.
Furthermore, Daegu is full of cultural assets represented by nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites boasting the traditional beauty of Korea. Daegu is thriving today in its role as the national leader built upon a rich cultural heritage and a long history of leading medical industries.
ISMST 2023 Secretariat | MICE Co., Ltd
e-mail :
Phone : +82 70 4121 9673 | +82 70 4247 9065
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